vShade online support for ex-serving Australian Defence Force
  • University of Newcastle
  • Aspen Medical
  • Defence Health
  • NIER


vSHADE is a research project, funded by the Defence Health Foundation to examine online support for young Australian veterans aged 18-45 who are feeling down and drink alcohol.

By participating you will have access to an evidenced based online program and a social networking site for veterans. For more information or to be involved, take the survey.

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  • The mental health and well-being of ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel is of paramount importance. The vSHADE project aims to address this need.

  • SHADE is a 10-session internet delivered program which has demonstrated effectiveness in the general population for reduction of depressive symptoms and hazardous alcohol use.

  • BreathingSpace is a secure and anonymous online community specifically built for the vSHADE study.

  • The vSHADE study evaluating the effectiveness of SHADE with and without the secure BreathingSpace social network amongst ex-serving ADF personnel.